Largo da Portagem

Visitor's Guide

Largo da Portagem, Coimbra

Some of Coimbra's most beautiful buildings are in Largo da Portagem

This small square opens to the river and Santa Clara Bridge (used by pedestrians to get to the southern bank from the old town center). It was once the gateway to the city, and is where you can see some of its most beautiful buildings, like the iconic Astoria Hotel and the local headquarters of the Bank of Portugal.

Largo da Portagem, Coimbra

Largo da Portagem is small but is Coimbra's main square

At the center is a statue of Joaquim António de Aguiar (a local politician), erected in 1913. Facing it, to the east, is Coimbra’s main tourist office.
This square is one of the main sites of the festivities related to Coimbra University, especially in May, when students celebrate the end of the academic year. It’s also one of the main stops and a terminal of many bus routes.
Cross the bridge, and admire a panoramic view of the city.